what is TRUEBROW?

TrueBrowTM was founded by Brow Secrets International. It's purpose to offer salon owners :

  • Premium, NATURAL Brow Training  
  • Exclusive Brow products
  • A Turn-Key Business and Marketing Strategy for Organic Growth
Freya Tippett Miss Frey's Beauty & Brow Design

"TrueBrow™ has given me the skills and confidence to transform a woman's beauty through her brows. I would have never known how to restore a brow without the use of the TrueBrow™ System. My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list for women wishing to have their brows restored and designed."


Do you desire a business with ZERO marketing budget, reduced overheads and more profit?

  • Salon/Spa owners looking for a Premium Brow Brand and to Differentiate themselves in the marketplace
  • Start Ups with no or very little clients looking for immediate growth using a powerful NEW skill and proven Business & Marketing Strategy 
  • Seasoned salons looking for a specialty niche for lead generation and business growth
  • Industry Professionals seeking to increase their brow skills
  • Lash Artists, Make up Artists or Lash Lift Specialists looking to introduce a Premium Brow Brand into their service menu
  •  Salons looking for a Premium Brow Product Range
  • Individuals looking for a career change and passionate about building a business with a proven system

THE TRUEBROW education

The TrueBrowTM System was created  by Elle Wilson. As the world's first complete training in NATURAL BROW Design, Correction, Restoration and Transformation, it is recognised world-wide for creating the world's largest community of brow specialists. It is extended to those who are passionate about natural brow transformation and are seeking the world's highest and most comprehensive training.  The big question on everyone's lips is what are the 'secrets' behind TrueBrow?

All training, including the training of all TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators is facilitated by the creator of the TrueBrowTM System. Elle Wilson, who has worked in the beauty industry for over 34 years is well known as one of the world’s leading brow trainers. Above all she is known as an innovator.

Introducing knowledge and principles that have never before seen the light of day. She has offered women worldwide and the industry the world's first complete natural brow training system. We are privileged to work with her each day. In 2018, Elle received the highest accolade in education by the prestigious Australian Beauty Industry Association of Educator of the Year. Her passion, commitment and dedication to her students and the industry truly acknowledged. 

Watch the videos below of Elle describing TrueBrow™ and answering some of the questions she is often asked...

TrueBrow™ - the Difference

Is TrueBrow™ a makeup product?

TrueBrow™ Services- How does it work

Does the TrueBrow™ System work for everyone?

How long is the training program?

Who is TrueBrow™ most suited to?

How does the hair grow back?

When can I start offering TrueBrow™ services?

How can I find out more information?

Elle Wilson -
 Creator and Founder

Accept my personal invitation, join me on MY SOCIALS!

What is knowledge if not to be shared for a greater purpose, a purpose greater than ourselves? Over the last 34 years in the beauty industry I have been fortunate to discover universal laws and codes that make entrepreneurs not only successful but happier and wiser people. Let me show you...

The TrueBrow Education - the world's original and only 
NATURAL BROW Design & Transformation System.

How Does It Work?

Developed over 17 years, the TrueBrow Education defies industry guidelines for brow design and instead uses key principles created by Elle Wilson to work with the brow in a completely new manner. So, what exactly does this mean?

It means you will now work with world-class design principles, key work positioning, cutting-edge lighting techniques and scientific knowledge. Additionally, where necessary our students will use tint. The TrueBrow™ System has a very unique way of using tint. Our tint education is outstanding as is our processing time education so our specialists can achieve the perfect result for their clients.  We never leave any tint stain on the client's skin as we need to clearly work with each hair. Stained skin gets in the way of our ultimate vision.

We use tweezers and the professional is encouraged to use the hair removal technique of their choice. Some of our students use wax, others sugar and some thread. The tools are not the differentiation when you are working with the TrueBrow™ System. The knowledge, the use of the principles, the subtleties and the deep understanding of how to remove friction in an area of the brow and create harmony is what ultimately creates the most beautiful results.

Elle Wilson personally recommends her favourite tools, equipment and products throughout your in-depth training portal.

Below are just a few of the brow challenges you will gain extraordinary confidence in during your TrueBrow™ Education. Say good-bye to uncertainly and welcome the joy of transforming even the most challenging brows into beautiful masterpieces for your clients:

  • You will work with unruly hair growth patterns with ease and confidence
  • You will know how to work with sparse brows offering your clients a new world of beauty 
  • Discover how to transform droopy brows that make a client's face look sad and your clients will love you for it.
  • The infamous 90's brows restored and redefined back to its natural beauty
  • Microbladed fails will become your specialty helping women with discoloration and scarring feel whole again
  • Discover how to work with uneven brows to solve yet another pain point for your clients
  • Damaged brows through over-plucking will become a rewarding speciality service you will be renowned for
  • Teenage brows becoming the safe haven for their first TrueBrow™ Design
  • You will understand how to work with men's brows and offer your client their desired outcome

Combined with weekly support and feedback systems, live in-person masterclass events and access to your online training modules. Our training ensures that you master the art of the TrueBrowTM System.

With the TrueBrowTM Education you will have the knowledge and skills to restore, correct, transform and design eyebrows that your clients will adore. You will understand and be able to assess a brow and know what it requires. You will see the potential and what is capable for each brow. You will become the expert for your clients.

The TrueBrowTM Education gives you the confidence to accept any brow that walks through your door. The satisfaction in knowing you are capable of bringing out the true beauty in the best way possible is something all beauty professionals should strive for.

The TrueBrowTM Education is perfect for the beauty professionals who are committed to excellence and the rewards they receive in return. They are not interested in trends and quick fixes that over time diminish their clients trust in their brand, but rather they understand the value in looking for the education and knowledge that allows them to surpass their competitors with ease. As with anything, the more committed you are the better results you will see.


The TrueBrowTM Collection is an exclusive range of cosmetic brow products designed with the same aesthetic design principles in mind as the TrueBrow™ System. Researched and developed in Australia, this product line is dedicated to offering women fuller brows instantly that still look perfectly natural and with exceptional staying power, there are no touch ups required throughout the day.

The Collection is the perfect product for women suffering from discoloration, scarring or unattractive design due to microblading fails. It's power to help your clients feel better about themselves whilst you are correcting these brow fails, brings a deep sigh of relief to many TrueBrow salon owners and their clients.

TrueBrow™ cosmetic products can be purchased either from any TrueBrow™ stockist, certified spa or salon or you can purchase them on our TrueBrow™ website by clicking here.

An easy 2-step product range designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the TrueBrow premium brow services. 

The TrueBrow™ Collection Kit has the power to create depth, fullness and most importantly, softness for any brow. For those women who love the bold brow, it offers them an instant 'wow' factor and still looks beautifully natural. 

Women with sparse, misshaped brows can now experience a natural looking fullness, instantly. It is the perfect solution and confidence builder for your clients who are in the midst of the restoration phase. 

Within the TrueBrow™ Collection are 2 products and 1 tool; Element, TrueColor and a TrueBrow™ Precision Brush.

Element is step 1. It is a unique formulation that is applied with the TrueBrow™ Precision Brush to the hairs of the brows and any skin where one wishes to build the brow. Element increases the longevity of the TrueColor on the brow and enables the user to create the natural softness they desire.

TrueColor, step 2, is available in 3 shades that coherently match to every brow. The TrueColor pigment is extraordinarily versatile in its application to achieve the look your client desires, be it soft, bold, defined, raw or ever so subtle. Women are falling in love with it every single day.

Each kit has over 60 applications.

Where the TrueBrow™ System defines a face, 
the TrueBrow™ Business and Marketing Strategy transforms your business.


How does the TrueBrow™ System work? Is it ink dye, tattoo, growth serums, brow extensions?

Are there any prerequisite requirements to do the TrueBrow™ Education?

Is the TrueBrow™ Education just brow shaping?

What tools will I need to offer TrueBrow™ Services in my salon?

What is an online Live Class?

Can we use Henna when we work with TrueBrow™?

Microblading, Brow Misting, Cosmetic Tattooing. The Unspoken Consequences of this new beauty industry epidemic

Why we don’t use serums?

Do I have to be a salon owner to attend a two day Masterclass?

I am a home salon, can I do TrueBrow™?

I am a lash artist, can I do TrueBrow™?

I own multiple salons, can I do TrueBrow™?

Do I have to enroll all team members in my salon?

Am I able to just stock the TrueBrow™ Collection, without doing the TrueBrow™ Education?

Can I use The Work™ to create my own training program and train others using Elle Wilson’s Original Training Material?

Jen Roche Halo Hair Body Beauty

I have been part of the TrueBrow family for 3years now. 4 years ago I trained in the microblading but it never sat right with me. I came across Elle’s work and needed to know more and just knew I needed to be a part it all! I can never look at a brow the same way again. I’m forever learning something from each and every class. It doesn’t stop! The masterclasses are a whole new level. What you take away from that is not only building you in your technique but massively on a personal level. Offering such a high standard in brows has changed my business. Clients know we are brow obsessed and brow focused so we are the ones they trust their brows with every 2 weeks. They trust us and are so beautifully loyal. And I believe we are the only salon in our area that offers such a service for brows! Majority of our TrueBrow clients come from current clients who want better for their brows and who witness our passion and have seen our TrueBrow work on other clients. We show them what is possible, they trust us and then jump over and commit to the process. It’s amazing! We are forever learning and still growing but love having the opportunity offered by Elle and TrueBrow to be the ‘best in the business’. We have re-branded and have opened in a much better location and have made TrueBrow one of our Top 3 brands promoted by the salon! Love being a part of the TrueBrow family.


...the more you will utilise all of the outstanding resources TrueBrow™ offers you. If you want to solve 95% of your salon pain points, including overwhelm you are in the right place. Let us offer you direction, focus and the skill that will change your entire business model. Stay in your sweet spot, let us show you how to become the Authority, the Expert, the Influencer in your location with TrueBrow™. Click here to hear the voice of our international network of salon and spa owners.

Elle Wilson  -  Creator and Founder

TrueBrow™ is the WORLD’S first and ONLY mastery-based BROW TRAINING program. Its purpose is to train industry professionals to offer their clients the confidence to transform their clients brows, NATURALLY. 

NO serums, NO wigs, NO Henna or skin staining and definitely NO tattooing of any kind. Their skill surpasses the need to resort to artificial and risky procedures like cosmetic tattooing.

TrueBrow™ keeps a woman’s dignity in tact by offering her authentic NATURAL BROW solutions.

With the largest collection of brow before and afters in the world, TrueBrow™ can confidently say that over 90% of women who believe their NATURAL BROWS are hopelessly damaged are incorrect. Thousands upon thousands of these women have their faith restored by their TrueBrow Specialist each day. 

When industry professionals go through the TrueBrow™ Education they learn all they need to know to design, correct and in most cases, restore a woman’s brow NATURALLY.

Most importantly, each student is offered ongoing weekly online Live webinar Classes.

We EMPOWER you to choose your level of EXCELLENCE and CONSISTENCY that you produce in your salon/spa.

However, let’s be honest, consistency in every salon is essential to sustain growth and avoid client attrition. It is Elle Wilson’s 34 years experience that is the foundation of the programs and training. Without consistently providing the same quality of work over time, salons can suffer the effects of losing clients. Every part of the Elle Wilson's educational programs are to avoid client attrition and focus on achieving exponential growth for the salon owner.

The only challenge TrueBrow™ salon owners have that follow through with all programs is growth...

It’s an awesome challenge to have!

For the salon owner, it isn’t just the brow training that creates the growth and success of our salons, it is the opportunity to implement the Complete Turn-Key Business and Marketing Strategy TrueBrow™ Money into their salons. TrueBrow™ has been called a money-making machine by salon owners worldwide. 

Your salon will be recognised for the authenticity of the high quality of brow work you are producing.

Your confidence will soar and you will begin to reap the financial and emotional rewards of your new acquired skill. Where others fail, your salon will thrive. 

The TrueBrow™ Education combined with the cosmetic line offers your clients instant brow beauty using the world’s exclusive and premium brow brand.

One of the biggest contributions we offer is helping each salon owner to create a world-class brow portfolio.  The mentoring and guidance, coupled by the Business and Marketing Strategy created by Elle Wilson and her team of experts, offer all salon owners powerful insights and brand building support and knowledge.

Elle Wilson Sharing the Remarkable Versatility
of the TrueBrow Collection

Megan Cuput White Sage Skin & Wellness

A client came to me after a terrible microblading experience as a last resort not knowing what else she could do as the therapist that did her brows would not return phone calls or messages after she said she was devastated with what she had done. Thank God for TrueBrow and Elle Wilson!


TrueBrow™ is available worldwide. 

How do I complete my hands-on Masterclass training if I am in a country with no TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators?

Can I travel to another country to complete my hands on, in-person Masterclass?

 Do TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators offer in-salon training?

Can I pay in my own country's currency?

Anna Mountford Essential Remedy

The Masterclass was truly inspiring. We got to create beautiful soft brows with the help and guidance of Elle and Whitney. The Masterclass has changed my work as a TrueBrow Specialist as I now feel I can look deeper into the brow to find it's softness and true potential. I recommend this course to anymore wishing to take the journey to becoming a TrueBrow Specialist as it will give you the tools you need for success."


I'm interested in offering TrueBrow™.

If you are a beauty business owner interested in learning the TrueBrow™ skill and exponentially growing your business whilst getting your marketing budget down to zero click here.

If you're a beauty professional, but not a salon owner and wish to inquire into our 1 or 2 Day Design Masterclasses please contact us via our contact form here. We love helping you learn and grow. If you are passionate about brows and wish to make a career change. We would love to speak with you.

Stay connected with Elle and her TrueBrow™ Educators on social. You will love her business tips and heart-centered perspectives as well as her 34 years of beauty experience.

I would like to find my TrueBrow™ Specialist.

If you wish to experience your very own brow transformation with one of our world leading TrueBrowTM Specialists or purchase the TrueBrowTM Collection products, you can do so by clicking here

Find us on social and browse through some of unbelievable results our TrueBrow™ Specialists have created for women worldwide.

You might find your brows within the thousands of featured brows and be delighted at what the future holds for your natural brow beauty!

why the truebrow brand has grown
100's of beauty businesses





The purpose of TrueBrowTM  the brand, is to ensure the TrueBrowTM Education is taught impeccably to each student. This, in turn, ensures the end consumer receives the highest level of advice, treatment and care for their eyebrows and the salon all of the above.

TrueBrow™ salons attract quality clients that are looking for a quality service. Quality clients empower us and our businesses. They are a joy to work with. Most importantly, they are the ones that love referring friends and family to our businesses. All businesses should be seeking to attract them.

The 'how-to' is what TrueBrow™ has mastered for its students.

Experience the benefits of offering your clients authentic and real results for their natural brow. No gimmicks or quick fixes needed. Enjoy the trust and loyalty that only an authentic service performed by a truly skilled professional can reap. Quality Clients forever!

Our TrueBrow Specialists are often referred to as miracle workers achieving results that astound their trusted clients. Even some beauty professions find it hard to believe their very own eyes and constantly are questioning the results, wishing they too could achieve them.

Does your business need that kind of magic?

Elle's students are well recognized worldwide for creating the world’s most beautiful brows. Her well earned reputation as a salon growth expert, mentor and coach gives each of the salon owners who work with her the competitive edge.

Now, let's look at some of the TrueBrowTM benefits:

  • Develop world leading skill sets through a proven system of education in NATURAL brow design and transformation.
  • The TrueBrow™ motto is...CLIENTS FOREVER. Brands of the future are not built on trends and quick fixes. Allow the foundation of your brand to be in authenticity and knowledge.
  • Inconsistent work in salons is one of the biggest reasons for client attrition. Our education is founded on ongoing mentoring and support, keeping work standards consistent and high, preventing this needless loss of clients. With the salon owners workload overwhelming at times, we realise maintaining consistent standards in a salon can often be neglected. We ensure your team members are 100% supported, inspired and improving, giving them confidence and a new level of purpose about their work.
  • An exclusive, world-first brow cosmetic line offering women of all ages and all brow shapes instant fullness as well as the softness and femininity that makes a woman beautiful.
  • Exclusive training in the TrueBrowTM Cosmetic line is offered to all team members employed in salon offering the salon owner the opportunity to increase retail sales and profits.

Salons and spas representing the TrueBrowTM brand are dedicated to the TrueBrowTM promise of offering women a safe and supportive space in which they can entrust one of their most important beauty assets; their NATURAL EYEBROWS.

As the salon owner, what this means for you is that your salon's market reach will open to a whole new sector as you no longer need to turn away clients who's brows you once were unable to transform.

The TrueBrowTM brand is made up of two components; the TrueBrowTM Education and the TrueBrowTM Cosmetics. Both of these offer you a point of difference that has been proven, time and time again, to launch a salon out of the competition and into an arena of its own.

Deciding whether TrueBrowTM is a brand for your spa or salon comes down to you and how it aligns with your own brand. So, consider this...

  • Are you a salon owner with integrity and a love for natural beauty?
  • Is the timeless beauty of your clients your top priority?
  • Do you always strives to give them the love and dignity they deserve?

The salon owners who embody TrueBrow™, see the greatest results and are now reaping the greatest benefits.

Whitney Hartmann Whitney Hartmann TrueBrow™ Specialists

"I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and worked with so many different makeup brands but nothing has given my clients the results that the TrueBrow™ Collection gives them. The product is incredibly soft and natural. It really enhances the brow as well as allowing all my restoration clients the fullness they want without having to wait."

Kelly Clarke-Duffy Ted & June

"As always, spending time with Elle was a delightful and positive experience. I walked away feeling excited and reflective, eager to enforce changes to the way I run my business and deal with staff and clients. The TrueBrow™ business model is not only an incredible way to run my business, but also my life. Being authentic, confident and caring can only build deeper and more genuine relationships, whether they be personal or professional."

Bianca Baker Bianca Jade Brow Artistry & Beauty

"My best takeaways from this day were knowing how supported and detailed everything is. It's so exciting to be part of such a well-oiled machine! I guess as a single owner/operator, you have no idea how huge the behind-the-scenes stuff is with Brow Secrets™ International. It is just going in leaps and bounds and we will share in the rewards, proudly."